December 1, 2023
Blockchain business application development

Delivering secure, distributed custom blockchain services and solutions to help you transform your industry. Let’s talk about Blockchain business application development.

Blockchain technology in your industry

Blockchain technologies are driving disruption in multiple industries including:
Insurance, Legal, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Travel, Human, resources, Pharma, Education, Media and entertainment, Banking and fintech, Real Estate, Supply chain management, Digital advertising.

Custom blockchain development

iconsOpenLedger helps businesses plan, structure, build and implement applications, structures, currencies and functions
We help partners select the most appropriate blockchain technology from a range of industry leaders, including BitShares, EOS, Hyperledger and Ethereum.

Information exchange authorization

Automatically authorize information exchanges, and immutably record them.

Smart contracts and time-locked wallets

Self-executing contracts and time- or event- triggered wallets facilitate easy, fast payments.

Secure identity verification

Automate identification and permissions across decentralized networks.

Secure distributed storage

Store digital assets securely and access them rapidly, with verifiable chains of action and access.

Cross-border business finances

Send and receive payments and transfers across currency and national borders with ease at low cost.

Cyber attack prevention

Encrypted, distributed blockchain technology makes conventional hacks impossible and prevents honeypot attacks.

Compliance with GDPR and SOX

Secure chains of custody for sensitive data and verifiable SOX-compliant executive actions.

Technology Stack

Python Python
C++ C++
C# C#
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Unity Unity
Node.js Node.js
Go Go
Solidity Solidity

Blockchain Technologies

BitShares BitShares
Ethereum Ethereum
HyperLedger HyperLedger

Our Process

Successful custom blockchain projects require unique skills and procedures. We use carefully-designed processes combined with Agile development approaches to bring your project to fruition exactly the way your business requires.

OpenLedger’s in-house team of managers, researchers, architects, developers, quality assurance specialists and other professionals will initiate, design, plan and deliver a custom blockchain solution in following stages:

1 / Research & Planning

The research phase can be even longer than the dev phase, because we need to make sure we accurately identified your issues and requirements and designed a way to meet them perfectly.

  • Analyse business needs and issues
  • Gather requirements
  • Consider budget and timeframe
  • Figure out obstacles and risks
  • Put strategy and plan together
  • Create prototypes

2 / Development

Strong Agile processes are the core of this stage. Feel free to attend daily stand-ups and weekly team meetings, track project progress on 24/7 basis, and receive regular reports to see how your solution is evolving.

  • Design, develop and test solutions
  • Create documentation
  • Launch and deploy project
  • Integrate with current environment

3 / Support

As your company grows and evolves, your blockchain solution needs to keep pace. That’s why we provide ongoing support, as well as new features, improvements and upgrades to existing functionality.

  • Support and maintain solutions
  • Analyse and research for improvements