Dear BTSR holders!

Recently we have reviewed the previous performing of the advertising projects, that Openledger DC has been operating (HubDSP and Bitteaser). Due to the high increase of the number of competing products we feel it is no longer of value to our supporting BTSR holders and would therefore like to announce the termination of the support of BTSR asset by Openledger DC. Namely - all activities performed by Openledger DC related to distribution of any assets to the BTSR token holders are no longer available.

We will burn all BTSR that are being held on Openledger DC official accounts, on February 1st 13:00 GMT. List of Openledger DC accounts with BTSR tokens is below:





We will place one order to buy the rest amount of BTSR for OBITS on the Bitshares DEX


In order to calculate the price for  BTSR_OBITS order we will take the information from Coinmarketcap for both currencies in USD.

The example:

The amount on Openledger DC accounts:


ccedk-cold 405 408 BTSR

ccedk-hot 41 079 BTSR

btsr-hot 40 000 BTSR 18 766 BTSR


TOTAL: 505 253 BTSR plus 127 BTSR from the Fee Pool - to be burned


Current supply: 3 285 255 BTSR

Supply that will be left after burn: 2 779 875 BTSR


Current price for OBITS: 1.12 USD

Current price for BTSR: 0.196612 USD


1 BTSR cost 0.1755464 OBITS


Order will be placed: Buy 2 779 875 BTSR for 487 997,0487 OBITS



  1. How do I know about new conditions and structure?


- The message with new conditions will be delivered in multiple channels, including official website, Openledger DC telegram channel, Steemit post, Facebook post, Twitter message, and of course - the internal Bitshares blockchain message will be delivered to all BTSR holders


  1. What is the lifetime of the order in OBITS?


- Order will be placed with ethernal lifetime. It will be only closed when all BTSR will be bought. So it can be forever, if someone will not want to sell their BTSR for OBITS


  1. What will happen to BTSR, that you recieve from sellers? Will you hold them on account, or burn them?


- We will hold all BTSR that will be bought for OBITS on one account, and we will burn them once a week, every Thursday. We will do that until the order will be closed and all BTSR will be burned.


  1. What if the market price for BTSR or OBITS will change? Will you place new order then?


- The order, that will be placed February 1st 2018, will stay as it is until fully closed. No exchange rates changes will affect it. No new orders will be placed by Openledger. However it can be so, that other user would like to trade their BTSR, or buy from other users - we can not affect that, people are free to do with their BTSR whatever they like.


  1. Am I obligated to sell my BTSR for OBITS? Can I keep them on my account of sell to other people?


- You are free to do with your BTSR whatever you like. Openledger just provides you one of the ways for selling BTSR to OBITS. It is your choise whether to use it or not.


  1. So I understand that BTSR will become just regular token, without any additional obligations, or support from Openledger?


- Yes, since February 1st 2018, Openledger will not perform any activities in relation with BTSR token.


  1. My question is not listed here, who can I ask?


- Please feel free to address any BTSR related questions to