Advertising token BTSR as a form of payment.

The blockchain based digital token BTSR is used as a form of payment on both centralized advertising systems BitTeaser and HubDSP, and the transactions and future activity of these two systems will therefore be possible to read as transactions on the BitShares blockchain.

On BitTeaser BTSR is the main form of payment method for webmasters.

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BTSR Universal advertising currency for your service

BTSR is build on blockchain, this will garantee financial security to all of your payments.

Why you should add BTSR payments to your service?


Previously BTSR was created as a digital token distributed to users willing to help support and maintain BitTeaser, an advertising network connected to the blockchain and fueled by this token. The ownership of BTSR was including but not limited to  a monthly buyback option based on income from BitTeaser activities, as well as the possibility of realizing additional income from trading the BTSR token on supporting exchanges.

From February 2017, BTSR becomes a digital token where all issued funds are made publicly available, and where the value of the token is directly linked to the global demand for advertising. Some crypto has mining as the heart of revenue, some have in-game monetization, and the digital token BTSR valuation will be based on a combination of speculation and increasing demand for BTSR as a form of payment when the bill needs to be paid for programmatic advertising worldwide.

BTSR advantages

Connect BTSR billing to your service and give your clients opportunity to use the most advanced and innovative blockchain technoligies.

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